The .tilde TLD project's BIND9 conf files
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deepend 7af37e8d82 ~/update_dns_zones_centos
script to update zones/configs
4 years ago
LICENSE Initial commit 4 years ago Update '' 4 years ago Adding chat.tilde 4 years ago
db.master.tilde cleaning db.master.tilde 4 years ago Fixed MX record for team.tilde, added your.tilde forwarder for now 4 years ago
db.your.tilde Added your.tilde zone file 4 years ago
named.conf query port randomization 4 years ago
named.conf.local Added your.tilde zone file 4 years ago
named.conf.options Made your.tilde zone forward you yourtilde's DNS server 4 years ago
update_dns_zones_centos ~/update_dns_zones_centos 4 years ago


The .tilde TLD project's BIND9 conf files.

Please see the wiki for additional information about name servers to use, how to get a domain name, and other information.