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It is now possible to mine duino-coin on the 3DS


  1. A 3DS with Luma and the Homebrew Launcher installed.

How can I start mining?

  1. We took advantage of this application:
  2. Install the application and replace the file with the file in Releases
  3. Also, modify the file with the file from Releases
  4. You can now start the miner in the Homebrew Launcher
  5. You should open the Rosalina Menu while Mining (press L + DPAD DOWN + SELECT).


  1. It doesn't show me any Output, is it normal? A: Yes it won't show any Output for now
  2. Can I mine on the DS? A: Not yet


  1. Thanks for the people who added the application:
  2. Thanks to @hgecode for giving us the Support of Debugging and Writing this!
  3. Thanks to @revox for giving us a modified example for the Miner on the 3DS!
  4. Thanks to The whole Duino-Coin Project

I have a New Nintendo 3DS can I set the clock higher?

Yes you can, set the clock rate in the Rosalina Menu higher: L + DPAD DOWN + SELECT. Go to New 3DS menu and set the rate to 804 Mhz.