GRU olibc - standart C11 library implementation
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GRU olibc - standard C11 library implementation


  • GRU liblinux


  • run make with path to liblinux as arguments (LIBLINUXHEADERS for path with liblinux header files and LIBLINUXDIR for path to directory where built liblinux (.a or .so file) is stored) in src/ (olibc.a will be in builds/ directory)
  • to build examples run make examples with same arguments


  • run make tests with same arguments (it will automaticly run script for testing)
  • this will compare result from olibc with libc that installed by default on your machine


  • to use this library add -Ipath/to/olibcheadersdir -Lpath/to/olibcdir -l:olibc.a to your CFLAGS