A deadly game of cat and marsupial in the land Down Under; the Mortal Wombat adventure game.
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You've encountered your local member of parliament. Prepare to get taxed!

You've encountered an angry sheep farmer. Watch it before he fleeces you!

You've met a crocodile hunter. He's about to snap at you!

You've met a camel hunter. That's not the only think he loves hunting...

Yahoo, buckaroo! You've run into a camel jockey, about to trample you!

You've bumped into a possum hunter. Don't get in his gun's way!

You've hopped into a rabbit hunter. He's got you in his sights...

Watch for the bushwhacker; he's about to whack you in the bush!

Prepare yourself for some tribal troubles... Angry Aboriginie up ahead!

Big chief Abe's about to beat down a naturalist babe...

You've encountered an Aussie ostrich. Plug your nose from emu fumes!

You've bumped into a dino-turkey! The cassowary wants you in an obituary!

You see a wedge-tailed eagle... And it's got a taste for ecologists!

A hostile kookaburra laughs at your foolish misstep.

You've come across a kookaburrah. It's too fat to fly.

A mean-looking frogmouth wants to put more than frogs in its mouth...

You've come across a car-killing kea... And it looks like it means business!

That oystercatcher looks ready to catch itself a nature researcher...

That honeyeater doesn't look very sweet, the way it's looking at you funny...

There's a bee-eater that wants to eat more than bees now!

You've bumped into a raven... Never more...

You've encountered a magpie. You wonder why Edgar Allan Poe only wrote about ravens.

You've encountered a pelican. Its beak holds more than its belly can.

That white ibis has an awful-looking beak there...

Watch out for that angry cockatoo! It looks ready for a fight.

Float like a bee... Sting like one too, mate!

Float like a bee and bite harder than one too! Damned wasp...

Just when you thought a wasp was big enough, you bump into a hornet.

You've encountered a mosquito. That sucks!

You've met with a bull ant. Brace yourself for the piting of a lifetime!

That bastard puts the fun in funnel-web, doesn't it?

You can barely see that Australian black widow down there... Watch yourself!

You narrowly missed that trap door spider!

You've stepped into the spider's trap door!

You see a mouse spider... Doesn't that bring a squeak to your voice?

You've sumbled upon a wolf spider. You'll be howling in pain when you're bitten!

Youve encountered a brown scorpion. Watch for its sting!

You've found a desert scorpion. You'll be kicking more than sand if if stings you!

That marbled scorpion looks like a bloody chequerboard with legs!

You see a wood scorpion and wish it were made of wood.

A bandicoot just crashed a car into a tree. You're suddenly inspired to make a video game.