HtmGem is Php program whose goal is to make Gemini files reachable through HTTP. It can be used on a shared host.
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# HtmGem, installation
To run HtmGem — after having copied the files — there is nothing to do but to add the URL rewriting rules.
## Prerequisites
* Php v7.3 minimum
* Module **php-mbstring** to manage unicode
* A web server (Apache and Nginx tested)
* Module **mod-rewrite** to handle the Gemini pages
## Installation
### Download
=> Stable version
=> Project repository
### Nginx
# This text must be placed in the server's configuration
index index.php index.gmi index.html
rewrite ^(.+\.gmi)$ htmgem/?url=$1;
### Apache
# This text can be placed at the root of the web site in a file ".htaccess".
DirectoryIndex index.php index.gmi index.html
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.+\.gmi)$ htmgem/?url=$1
* When a file ends by **.gmi.** is asked, HtmGem will display it in the browser.
* When only the directory is asked (http:/​/site.tld/path) the file //index.gmi// will be automatically choosen.
=> tutogemtext-en.gmi How to build GemText pages?
## Advanced configuration
Add additional styles as a link parameter or adapt the text decoration:
=> configuration-en.gmi Advanced configuration