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;;; early-init.el -*- lexical-binding: t; coding: utf-8-unix -*-
;; Author: Case Duckworth <(rot13-string "npqj@npqj.arg")>
;; Created: Sometime during Covid-19, 2020
;; Keywords: configuration
;; URL:
;; This file is NOT part of GNU Emacs.
;;; License:
;; Everyone is permitted to do whatever with this software, without
;; limitation. This software comes without any warranty whatsoever,
;; but with two pieces of advice:
;; - Don't hurt yourself.
;; - Make good choices.
;;; Comentary:
;; Starting with Emacs 27.1, `early-init' is sourced before `package'
;; or any frames. So those are the settings I run in this file.
;;; Code:
;;; Add `acdw.el'
(push (expand-file-name "lisp/" user-emacs-directory)
(require 'acdw)
(require 'acdw-frame)
;;; Frame settings
(setq initial-frame-alist '((fullscreen . maximized))
`((tool-bar-lines . 0)
(menu-bar-lines . 0)
(vertical-scroll-bars . nil)
(horizontal-scroll-bars . nil)
(width . 84)
(height . 30)
(left-fringe . 8)
(right-fringe . 8)
(font . ,(acdw/system
(:home "DejaVu Sans Mono 10")
(:work "Consolas 12")
(:other "monospace 10"))))
frame-inhibit-implied-resize t
frame-resize-pixelwise t
inhibit-x-resources t)
(add-hook 'after-init-hook
(defun after-init@disable-ui-modes ()
"Disable UI modes after init.
I already disable them from the `default-frame-alist' for speed
and anti-flickering reasons, but this function allows running,
say, `tool-bar-mode' once to toggle the tool bar back on."
(dolist (mode ;; each mode is of the form (MODE . FRAME-ALIST-VAR)
'((tool-bar-mode . tool-bar-lines)
(menu-bar-mode . menu-bar-lines)
(scroll-bar-mode . vertical-scroll-bars)
(horizontal-scroll-bar-mode . horizontal-scroll-bars)))
(let ((setting (alist-get (cdr mode) default-frame-alist)))
(when (or (not setting)
(zerop setting))
(funcall (car mode) -1))))))
(add-hook 'after-make-frame-functions
(defun after-make-frame@setup (&rest args)
(ignore args)
(let ((fixed-pitch-faces
'((:font "Fantasque Sans Mono" :height 115)
(:font "Go Mono" :height 110)
(:font "DejaVu Sans Mono" :height 110)
(:font "monospace" :height 100)))
'((:font "Inter" :height 120)
(:font "Go" :height 120)
(:font "sans-serif" :height 100))))
(acdw/set-first-face-attribute 'default
(acdw/set-first-face-attribute 'fixed-pitch
(acdw/set-first-face-attribute 'variable-pitch
(acdw/set-emoji-fonts "Noto Color Emoji"
"Noto Emoji"
"Segoe UI Emoji"
"Apple Color Emoji"
(acdw/set-fringes '((left-curly-arrow [#b01100000
4 8 center)
(right-curly-arrow [#b00000011
4 8 center)
(left-arrow [#b01100000
2 8 (top t))
(right-arrow [#b00000011
2 8 (top t))))
(setq indicate-empty-lines nil
indicate-buffer-boundaries '((top . right)
(bottom . right)))
(custom-set-faces '(fringe ((t (:foreground "dim gray")))))))
(add-hook 'server-after-make-frame-hook #'after-make-frame@setup)
;; I have this here because ... the first frame doesn't ? run ? the hook ???
(add-function :after after-focus-change-function
(defun after-focus-change@first-frame-setup (&rest args)
(ignore args)
(remove-function after-focus-change-function
;;; Bootstrap package manager (`straight.el')
;; Set `package' and `straight' variables.
(setq package-enable-at-startup nil
package-quickstart nil
straight-host-usernames '((github . "duckwork")
(gitlab . "acdw"))
straight-base-dir (acdw/dir)
straight-check-for-modifications '(check-on-save find-when-checking))
;; Bootstrap `straight'.
(defvar bootstrap-version)
(let ((bootstrap-file
(bootstrap-version 5))
(unless (file-exists-p bootstrap-file)
(concat ""
'silent 'inhibit-cookies)
(goto-char (point-max))
(load bootstrap-file nil 'nomessage))
;; Helper package, good commands here.
(require 'straight-x)
;; Appendix. Get rid of a dumb alias.
;; straight-ಠ_ಠ-mode really slows down all minibuffer completion functions.
;; Since it's a (rarely-used, even) alias anyway, I just define it back to nil.
;; By the way, the alias is `straight-package-neutering-mode'.
(defalias 'straight-ಠ_ಠ-mode nil)
;;; Message startup time for profiling
;; This just redefines the Emacs function
;; `display-startup-echo-area-message', so no hooks needed.
(defun display-startup-echo-area-message ()
"Show Emacs's startup time in the message buffer. For profiling."
(message "Emacs ready in %s with %d garbage collections."
(format "%.2f seconds"
(float-time (time-subtract after-init-time
;;; Early-loaded packages
;; These packages are here because they need to be loaded /before/
;; everything else in init.el.
(straight-use-package '(setup
:host nil
:repo ""))
(require 'setup)
(require 'acdw-setup)
(setup (:straight no-littering)
(:option no-littering-etc-directory (acdw/dir)
no-littering-var-directory (acdw/dir))
(require 'no-littering))
(setup (:straight el-patch))
;; My private variables and stuff
(require 'acdw-private (acdw/sync-dir "private.el") :noerror)
;;; early-init.el ends here