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Case Duckworth 0d311d36b9 blayfduoisaudfoiasdupjfoiu 5 days ago
acdw-apheleia.el Change apheleia stupid indenting 4 weeks ago
acdw-autoinsert.el Fix acdw/define-auto-insert 2 weeks ago
acdw-bell.el Fix mode-line flashing 5 months ago
acdw-browse-url.el Add `browse-url-in-teddit' function 2 months ago
acdw-circe.el blayfduoisaudfoiasdupjfoiu 5 days ago
acdw-compat.el Rot13 my email 4 weeks ago
acdw-consult.el Add circe-buffer-source 4 weeks ago
acdw-cus-edit.el Correct typo 4 weeks ago
acdw-erc.el Rot13 my email 4 weeks ago
acdw-eshell.el Rot13 my email 4 weeks ago
acdw-eww.el Add bookmarks to eww 4 weeks ago
acdw-fonts.el Rot13 my email 4 weeks ago
acdw-frame.el Rewrite early-init.el 2 months ago
acdw-irc.el Move most of acdw-irc to acdw-circe 1 week ago
acdw-lisp.el Do away with lispy-modes and overcomplex configuration 4 weeks ago
acdw-modeline.el I told myself I'd have useful commit messages today 2 weeks ago
acdw-org.el totally unhelpful commit message 2 weeks ago
acdw-re.el Reorganize and shit 3 weeks ago
acdw-reading.el Re-write acdw-reading.el 3 weeks ago
acdw-setup.el Change `:straight-if` to `:straight-when` 3 weeks ago
acdw-ytel.el Replace ytel with ytdious 3 weeks ago
acdw.el blayfduoisaudfoiasdupjfoiu 5 days ago
chd.el blayfduoisaudfoiasdupjfoiu 5 days ago
titlecase.el Add titlecase 2 months ago