Atom feed generator in (mostly) POSIX shell
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an Atom feed generator in (mostly) POSIX shell

Because of this post in the Gemini mailing list, which bemoans the inability to generate Atom feeds using bare-bones computers, I present shatom, a shell program that purports to do just that.

It has minimal dependencies (see DEPENDENCIES, below), and is completely modifiable by the user with the config file (see CONFIG, below).

And it's licensed permissively. What more could you want!?


  • POSIX shell
  • POSIX awk (I'm 99% sure) - optional
  • GNU find - optional
  • stat - optional

Technically, a shell is the only optional dependency -- if you're removing shell from the dependencies list, you're writing another script.


All of the functions and variables defined in shatom can be overwritten by a config file, by default in the current directory. As may be obvious from the file's extension, it's a shell script, so you can redefine (and in fact, should redefine) all the variables and functions in shatom to suit your needs.

Here's a convenient list:


  • FEED_TITLE - the title of your feed
  • FEED_AUTHOR - the author of your feed (you!)
  • FEED_SUBTITLE - the subtitle of your feed
  • FEED_URL - the URL where your feed can be accessed
  • SITE_URL - the base URL of your site
  • FEED_ID - the Atom ID of the feed (default: SITE_URL)
  • FEED_COPYRIGHT - the copyright information of your feed
  • FEED_UPDATED - the date your feed was last updated (default: the current time)


File functions

  • recent_files - sort files recursively, in reverse

Entry functions

These operate on entries themselves, in the inner for loop of main. They're all passed the path of the entry. See the source for their default implementations.

  • skip_entry - whether to skip an entry (default: don't). Return 0 to skip an entry.
  • entry_url - pull the URL out of an entry
  • entry_title - pull the title from an entry
  • entry_summary - pull the summary from an entry
  • entry_author - pull the author from an entry
  • entry_content - pull the content from an entry
  • entry_updated - pull the modification time from an entry

Atom functions

These generate the actual atom bits. Should be pretty self-explanatory.

  • atom_header
  • atom_entry
  • atom_footer

POSIX compliance

This script should be 95% POSIX compliant. The only bits that aren't strictly so are the functions recent_files, which requires GNU find for the -printf option, and possibly entry_updated, which uses stat. I've included commentary toward POSIX-ifying these if need be, but since this is a quick-and-dirty proof-of-concept, I leave actually doing so as an exercise to the reader.

(C) 2020 Case Duckworth. Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


Feel free to send patches, complaints, and praise to my public inbox.

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