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All specifications will be finalized using the format outlined by the Tildeverse's RFCs outlined in their RFC 0. This is partially to take away the need for me to make my own format and also due to necessity in case I submit any of these to the Tildever'se RFC repository later on. For pragmatic reasons, all drafts will not hold this standard so that I can focus more writing out the concepts for each draft rather than abiding to any standard.

As specified above, there will be two types of specifications here: drafts and proposals. The life cycle being that an idea will begin as a draft, and if it survives long enough to further attention it will be finalized as a proposal. Should there be any interest in any of those proposals they will be submitted as an RFC to the Tildeverse RFC community for approval.


I write these specifications partially to crystallize ideas in my head into concrete concepts that I can refer back to later, but also as a means for others to provide feedback and help in creating a more robust final product. I understand I will not always arrive to the best solution for the problems these specifications aim to solve, so I am very open to any comments or ideas on how these specifications can be improved. So if you read any of these and feel the need to comment or contribute, please do so by opening an issue on this repository and drafting your initial feedback. This will also work as the same medium for any further discussions on said comments. You can also, if so inclined, provide feedback in the form of a pull request for making direct changes to one or more specifications (especially if the feedback is just about various typos).

If, for whatever reason, you want to provide feedback in a more private manner you can also reach out to me on the IRC network via a private message, where I go by the same username "aewens" or through my tilde email of the same username at the domain (the fancy alias used by


Distributed Network

Some of these specifications will be written to serve the purpose of facilitating a distributed network of services. The end goal being a network that any network can join (behind a firewall or otherwise) and participate in that requires no centralized server to keep it running. The specifications will serve as the blueprints for creating such a network or contributing to the development of an existing one.

Table of Contents

  1. Drafts
    1. 0001 Standards 1: Distributed Data Schematics
    2. 0002 Standards 2: Distributed Routing System
    3. 0003 Standards 3: Distributed Routing Wire Protocol
    4. 0004 Standards 4: Distributed Authentication System
  2. Proposals


Everything that has not yet been written:

  • 0002
  • 0003
  • 0004


What is currently being written:

  • 0001

All works are licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.