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# Hackily check for certain kinds of errors.
# We still rely exclusively on linux/bootstrap/bootstrap for some static
# checks on bare SubX code that aren't implemented yet in the self-hosted
# translator phases.
# However, boot.subx uses instructions that bootstrap doesn't recognize. So we
# won't check it.
set -e
cat $* [0-9]*.mu |linux/mu > a.subx
cat misc_checks.subx mu-init.subx [0-9]*.subx a.subx |linux/braces > a.braces
cat a.braces |linux/calls > a.calls
cat a.calls |linux/sigils > a.sigils
CXXFLAGS=-g linux/bootstrap/bootstrap --debug translate a.sigils -o a.elf
# Translation will never succeed,
# but if we get to "missing reference to global" errors, they're expected and
# we've gotten to the end of what bootstrap can check for us.