Soul of a tiny new machine. More thorough tests → More comprehensible and rewrite-friendly software → More resilient society.
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# Initialize the minimal runtime for Mu programs.
# See translate for how this file is used.
# Mu programs start at a function called 'main' with this signature:
# fn main screen: (addr screen), keyboard: (addr keyboard), data-disk: (addr disk)
# All tests must pass first (the "power-on unit test").
== code
# initialize stack
bd/copy-to-ebp 0/imm32
#? (main 0 0 Primary-bus-secondary-drive)
# always first run tests
(num-test-failures) # => eax
# call main if tests all passed
3d/compare-eax-and 0/imm32
75/jump-if-!= break/disp8
c7 0/subop/copy *Running-tests? 0/imm32/false
c7 0/subop/copy *Real-screen-cursor-x 0/imm32
c7 0/subop/copy *Real-screen-cursor-y 0/imm32
(main 0 0 Primary-bus-secondary-drive)
# hang indefinitely
eb/jump loop/disp8