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@ -30,35 +30,12 @@ No matter what app you run, you are always guaranteed access to a single
obvious, consistent way (currently the hotkey `ctrl-e`) to edit its sources.
And to run the updates after editing.
<img alt='screenshot of Teliva editing the Towers of Hanoi' src='doc/hanoi-edit.png'>
Toggle the same hotkey to restart the app with the new sources.
Over time I hope to improve the experience for error messages, failing tests,
undoing changes and so on. The emphasis will be on maximizing hackability
rather than functionality. In addition to Lua 1.5, this repository currently
* The [ncurses]( library for
building text-mode user interfaces. ([Alternative documentation](
* A port of the [lcurses]( library
providing Lua bindings for ncurses. ([Documentation](
* The [Kilo]( text editor. ([With a fantastic
Send all praise to them, brickbats to [me]( I
plan to be extremely parsimonious in taking on further dependencies.
## Isn't this just an IDE?
There's one big difference: these apps are not intended to be runnable outside
of the Teliva environment. Editing the sources will always be a core feature
that's front and center in the UI.
At the moment this isn't much of a restriction given how trivial the
differences with Lua are. You also don't get much benefit in exchange for
taking on this restriction. Let's see if that changes.
A second, more subtle difference: it's primarily an environment for _running_
apps, and only secondarily for editing them. Starting up the environment puts
you in a running app by default. Creating an app from a clean slate is a
@ -115,3 +92,16 @@ There will likely be some exceptions that I'll record here as I encounter them:
## What's with the name?
Teliva is the Tamil root for &lsquo;clear&rsquo;. Very much aspirational.
## Coda
In addition to Lua 1.5, Teliva is inspired by:
* The [ncurses]( library for
building text-mode user interfaces. ([Alternative documentation](
* An interface to ncurses like the [lcurses](
library. ([Documentation](
* The [Kilo]( text editor. (Read more about it
in this [fantastic walk-through](
Send all praise to them, brickbats to [me](

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