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@ -2181,7 +2181,7 @@ each library provides all its functions as fields of a global table
or as methods of its objects.
<h2>5.1 - <a name="5.1">Basic Functions</a></h2>
<h2>5.1 - <a name="5.1">Basic Primitives</a></h2>
The basic library provides some core functions to Lua.
@ -2190,6 +2190,11 @@ you should check carefully whether you need to provide
implementations for some of its facilities.
<hr><h3><a name="pdf-arg"><code>arg</code></a></h3>
A global variable containing any commandline arguments.
<hr><h3><a name="pdf-assert"><code>assert (v [, message])</code></a></h3>
Issues an error when
@ -2277,7 +2282,7 @@ to the message.
<hr><h3><a name="pdf-_G"><code>_G</code></a></h3>
A global variable (not a function) that
A global variable that
holds the global environment (that is, <code>_G._G = _G</code>).
Lua itself does not use this variable;
changing its value does not affect any environment,