Anton McClure anton
  • Akron, Ohio
  • Student at the University of Akron, developer, and UNIX/Linux system administrator.

  • Joined on Nov 15, 2018

custom modules for tildebot

Updated 8 hours ago

Playbook for thunix

Updated 6 days ago

PHP 8 31

site, wiki, and css theme

Updated 2 months ago

Source code repository for Mighty Web CMS design and development.

Updated 2 months ago

The Intentional Journal of the Tildeverse

Updated 4 months ago

A bash script to generate a tilde.json file for tilde servers

Updated 2 years ago

Faux-IRCd to detect client versions through handshake behavior

Updated 2 years ago

A simple cms/wiki based on markdown.

Updated 2 years ago

Site for

Updated 2 years ago

JavaScript 1 0

A CLI application for interacting with

Updated 2 years ago