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<h1> <a href="#home"></a></h1>
<nav> <a href="#projects">projects</a> <a href="#now">now</a> <a
href="#contact">contact me</a> <a href=""
>tilde page</a></nav>
<section id="home">
<h1>i'm a computer person</h1>
<p>i write code and do stuff on the internet</p>
<h2>about me</h2>
<p> i grew up in the upper peninsula of michigan, received a bachelor's
in computer science from northern michigan university, and now work
professionally as a software developer in traverse city, michigan.</p
<p> i like building software and community through code and sysadmin
tools. my current day job involves writing c# for desktop
applications. my primary hobby project is <a
href=""></a>, a non-commercial public
access unix system focused on teaching, learning, and building
<p> some fun facts about me:</p>
<li>i'm left handed</li>
<li>i love to travel and have lived in ecuador and switzerland</li>
<li>i tend to avoid uppercase letters if i can help it</li>
<section id="now">
<h1>what i've been up to</h1>
<li>living in traverse city, mi</li>
<li>working at <a href="">hagerty</a> as a
software developer</li>
<li>honing my c# skills</li>
<li>thinking of cool ideas for <a href=""
<li><strike>probably</strike> definitely spending too much time on
<li>running stuff for the <a href=""
<li>learning about and using <a href="">xmpp</a>
and hosting <a href="">some</a> <a
href="">xmpp servers</a>.</li>
<li>got my covid vaccine in april 2021</li>
<li>bought a house in may 2021</li>
<li>married my best friend on july 25, 2021</li>
<p>updated july 29, 2021</p>
<section id="projects">
<p>besides <a href=""></a>, i'm also
involved in several other projects, including:</p>
<li><a href="">the tildeverse</a></li>
<li>the original <a href=""><em>tilde</em></a
>, reborn</li>
<li><a href="">hashbang</a></li>
<li>volunteer staffer at <a href=""></a>,
the irc network for open-source and peer-directed projects.</li>
<li>some random projects on my <a href=""
rel="me">tildegit account</a></li>
<li>also <a href="" rel="me">github</a>
but i don't publish everything there</li>
<li>this site. you can find the <a
href="">source code here</a>.</li>
<section id="contact">
<p> the best way to get in touch with me is irc (if i'm not around, i'll see
it soon™). i'm <code>ben</code> on <a
href=""></a> and
<a href=""></a></p>
<p>i'm also on xmpp as <a href=""></a>.</p>
<p>if you don't have an xmpp account, you can register one on my <a
href="">server</a>. it runs on a thinkpad in my
living room!</p>
<p>i have too many email addresses (eg <code>*</code>), but i
mainly use <a href="" rel="me"
></a> or <a href="" rel="me"
></a>. if you use gpg, make sure to use my
address. here's <a href="/benharri.asc">my pubkey</a>.</p>
<h2>social media?</h2>
<p>i'm on <a href="" rel="me">twitter</a>
and <a href="" rel="me">mastodon</a>, but i
try not to check them all that much.</p>
<p>i am on <a href="">bluesky</a> and it's been
very fun so far. feeling cautiously optimistic for its future.</p>
<p>if you're curious, here's my <a