Ben Harris ben

my zonefiles


Updated 2 days ago

masto tooterbot


Updated 6 months ago

custom modules for tildebot

Updated 9 months ago

my tilde page ~ben

Updated 4 months ago

guides to hosting your own things

Updated 6 months ago

my dotfiles

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my donation page

Updated 3 weeks ago irc bot that generates expressions from grammars in ~/.tracery


Updated 7 months ago

my resume

Updated 2 years ago

my 2018 aoc solutions in elixir

Updated 4 years ago

2020 advent of code solutions

Updated 1 year ago

my advent of code solutions in c#

Updated 13 hours ago

discord bot in php

Updated 2 years ago

simple sedbot in bash

Updated 2 years ago source code

Updated 5 months ago