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1: Download soapdish and place app folder wherever you like.
-- Launch app with located in app root folder
-- Follow prompts to install dependencies (Main Menu becomes accessible after installation).

2: From soapdish's Main Menu:
-- Select option "J" to proceed to the Config Options menu

3: From the Config Options menu:
-- Create one or more empty config profiles using the the "c" (create) command.
-- Edit your created profile(s) using the the "e" (edit) command.
-- Activate your created profile of choice using the "u" (use) command.

4A: Streaming files:
-- Place audio files in the soapdish/audio_queued/ folder.
-- Create a playlist based on those files using the "C" (create) command in the Main Menu
-- If you wish, edit your playlist using the "E" (edit) command in the main menu.
-- Choose option "F" or "f" (stream files) from the main menu to stream.

4B: Streaming live audio:
-- Choose option "L" or "l" (stream "live" / ALSA) from the main menu to stream audio


If audio quality is choppy, run option "H" from the main menu (review hardware audio frame
size) to assess the current recommended audio frame size you should use. You can then
declare the audio frame size (or a multiple of this value) in your config file to help
remedy choppiness, and in some cases buffering issues.