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Bikeshedding Working Group ~lucidiot, Ed.
Bikeshed-Draft Bikeshedding Microsystems
Intended status: Informational July 20, 2022
Expires: January 20, 2023
Proposed Reclassification of Computer Science
as a Field of Geology
This document argues for the reclassification of computer science as
a field of geology by demonstrating a relation of causality between
both, and demonstrates the potential positive consequences this can
have on both fields.
Status of This Memo
This Bikeshed-Draft is submitted in full conformance with the
provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79.
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time. It is inappropriate to use Bikeshed-Drafts as reference
material or to cite them other than as "work in progress."
This Bikeshed-Draft will expire on January 20, 2023.
Copyright Notice
Copyright (c) 2022 Bikeshedding Microsystems and the persons
identified as the document authors. All rights reserved.
This document is subject to BCP 78 and the Bikeshedding Microsystems'
Legal Provisions Relating to Bikeshedding Documents in effect on the
date of publication of this document. Please review these documents
carefully, as they describe your rights and restrictions with respect
to this document.
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Bikeshed-Draft Computer Science as a field of Geology July 2022
Table of Contents
1. Introduction ..................................................2
1.1. Notational Conventions ..................................2
2. Computer Science Requires Geology .............................3
3. Influence of Computer Science on Geology ......................3
4. Consequences of Computer Science as a Field of Geology ........4
5. Conclusion ....................................................5
6. Security Considerations .......................................5
7. Internationalization Considerations ...........................5
8. Privacy Considerations ........................................5
9. Interoperability Considerations ...............................6
10. Morality Considerations .......................................6
10.1. Likelihood of misuse by depraved or sick individuals ...6
10.2. Likelihood of misuse by misguided individuals ..........6
10.3. Likelihood of misuse by large, multi-national
corporations ............................................6
10.4. Availability of oversight facilities ...................6
10.5. Inter-SDO impact .......................................7
10.6. Care and concern for avian carriers ....................7
11. BANANA Considerations .........................................7
12. References ....................................................7
Appendix A. Warranty Exclusion Statement ...........................8
Acknowledgements ...................................................8
Author's Address ...................................................8
1. Introduction
It has come to my attention, through a discussion with some
inhabitants in the city hall of the Town of Tildes, that Computer
Science should be reclassified as a field of applied geology.
In this essay, we will first demonstrate the existence of a
relationship between computer science and geology, then demonstrate a
relation of causality, discuss why computer science can be made a
field of geology, and finally show how making the link between
geology and computer science official can prove beneficial to the
scientific community.
1.1. Notational Conventions
The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT",
"OPTIONAL" in this document MUST be interpreted as described in
BCP 14 [RFC2119] [RFC8174] when, and only when, they appear in all
capitals, as shown here.
"COULD", "POSSIBLE", and "MIGHT" in this document MUST be
interpreted as described in [RFC6919] (BUT WE KNOW YOU WON'T).
~lucidiot Expires January 20, 2023 [Page 2]
Bikeshed-Draft Computer Science as a field of Geology July 2022
2. Computer Science Requires Geology
The core part of all modern computers or microcontrollers is the
transistor, which relies on semiconductors. The most common
semiconductor material used in transistors is highly purified
silicon. 15% of all the silicon production is transformed to reach
the levels of purity required for semiconductors, and most silicon is
produced from reducing quartzite or sand with highly pure coke.
Quartzite is a type of rock, sand is just crushed rocks, and coke
comes from heating up coal or oil without air. Both coal and oil are
found in the ground and their study belongs to geology.
Computers are also built using other metals, such as iron, copper or
gold, which are all obtained from digging the ground as Minecraft
taught us. Circuit boards are made of slices of copper and slices of
an epoxy resin; the most common material is FR-4, a mix of glass
fiber and epoxy resin. Glass fiber is made of glass, which is made
of silicon. Epoxy resins are of many types but almost all of them
come from petroleum-derived materials (plant-based materials are
slowly coming in but those are not going to get really far thanks to
Computers are therefore made of rocks. Identifying those rocks is a
requirement to obtaining all the raw materials used to produce
computer parts, making geology a core requirement for Computer
Science to exist.
3. Influence of Computer Science on Geology
Computational physics have benefited to large fields of physics,
including some that can affect geology, such as fluid dynamics or
solid-state physics.
Computer-aided design (CAD) and automation in general have enabled
the development of industrial robots. CAD has increased the quality
of geological instruments, and robots have increased their quantity
and lowered their costs, enabling geologists to acquire measurements
of higher quality more easily.
Geographical information systems (GIS), computational topology,
satellite-based positioning systems such as the Global Positioning
System (GPS) have increased the accuracy of all measurements and
enable studying the Earth's crust at a much larger scale. The field
of geomodeling was born from the newly acquired data, using computer
science to model the Earth's crust.
Geomodeling contributes to geology at all scales: the studies of rock
mechanics, thermochronology, hydrogeology, crustal dynamics, mantle
convection, seismology, plate tectonics, the geo dynamo theory, etc.
have all shown advancements thanks to computer-based analysis.
~lucidiot Expires January 20, 2023 [Page 3]
Bikeshed-Draft Computer Science as a field of Geology July 2022
Computer science heavily contributes to the study of other planets,
in particular by enabling continuous improvements in telescopes and
enabling the development of satellites and space exploration in
general. This in turn has contributed to research by planetary
Computer science has both directly and indirectly accelerated
geological research, sometimes causing entirely new fields of study
to appear. Applied geology, as well as the application of other
interdisciplinary fields in which geology is involved such as
material science, in turn allow computer hardware to develop and
further help geology grow, forming a virtuous cycle.
4. Consequences of Computer Science as a Field of Geology
When students think of working with computers, they mostly think of
writing code, which is a fraction of software engineering. It is
only after they enrolled in a software engineering course, in which
they were told they would learn to code, that they might have a small
possibility of learning about other fields with which a software
engineer might interact with. Since those courses are often labeled
"Computer Science", the field of software engineering alone is
assumed to be computer science, when it is only one of the multiple
fields of applied computer science.
This causes a common questioning in the software engineering industry
of the notion of computer science: is it a real science, when it is
only an engineering field?
Making computer science a field of geology will likely cause a lot of
attention in the media, which through proper communication can be
focused on the significant difference between computer science and
software engineering.
Further, we believe that geologists not involved in interdisciplinary
fields involving computer science are computer users; they lack the
required knowledge, or the learned helplessness over the state of the
computer industry, to not see software engineers as evil beings, and
they simultaneously have the required knowledge to understand what
computer science truly is and distinguish it from software
engineering. Their insistence can help make a difference in software
engineering courses and reverse the trend of mislabeling computer
science in the software engineering industry.
This change can have a financial impact for universities and research
institutes, as merging computer science and geology departments,
facilities or organizations can reduce costs.
The reputation of geology, which can sometimes be seen as something
boring as it gets reduced to the mere study of some rocks, can be
enhanced by making it part of the digital revolution we are
experiencing these days.
~lucidiot Expires January 20, 2023 [Page 4]
Bikeshed-Draft Computer Science as a field of Geology July 2022
The reputation of computers and computer science can also be improved
thanks to new puns: instead of "computer bad", "computer rocks".
With the ongoing trend of legalizing recreative uses of cannabis,
this can also encourage computer scientists and engineers to get
stoned, leading to an overall increase in happiness with the field.
Finally, this change can increase the interactions between geology
and computer science; this can further accelerate the virtuous cycle
that makes geology and computer science both contribute to each
other's progression, and is likely to lead to groundbreaking
5. Conclusion
We have shown that geology, by the study of rocks, led to computers
and computer science. Furthermore, computer science is still today
relying heavily on knowledge acquired from geology, and it has also
enabled significant improvements in geology. Officially making
computer science a field of geology can contribute to the reputation
and progression of both fields, give a financial help to research
institutions, and solve issues in the computer industry.
We therefore encourage the scientific community at large to consider
making computer science a field of geology.
6. Security Considerations
Reclassifying computer science as a field of geology can contribute
to overall security in the field by making software rock solid.
7. Internationalization Considerations
Both geologists and computer scientists have existed all over the
world, speaking many languages and sharing their knowledge with each
other. Computer scientists also like to bikeshed with each other,
while geologists are less prone to this behavior. Making computer
science a field of geology could therefore help Bikeshedding
Microsystems reach even further into markets outside of Western
Europe and North America, enhancing our internationalization.
8. Privacy Considerations
Thanks to the help of geologists, computer scientists will be able
to erect high quality stonewalling to field any questioning by
attackers, enhancing the currently quite poor protections against
social engineering attacks in the workplace.
9. Interoperability Considerations
The overall goal of this standard is to enhance interoperability
between geologists and computer scientists. However, shall this goal
not be achieved in a satisfying manner, interoperability issues will
~lucidiot Expires January 20, 2023 [Page 5]
Bikeshed-Draft Computer Science as a field of Geology July 2022
be as always left up to the Protocol Police [RFC8962].
10. Morality Considerations
This section contains morality considerations consistent with the
demands of [RFC4041].
10.1. Likelihood of misuse by depraved or sick individuals
Reclassifying computer science as a field of geology should not have
a significant influence on the ability to share immoral images over
the network, except through a possible enhancement of overall
network transfer time and bandwidth as described in Section 10.6.
10.2. Likelihood of misuse by misguided individuals
Rocks can represent some danger when not manipulated properly, as
they can have sharp edges or be extremely heavy. It is RECOMMENDED
that geologists keep untrained computer scientists away from their
sample storage rooms or from working on the field with them, as to
avoid any risk of them causing themselves harm.
10.3. Likelihood of misuse by large, multi-national corporations
Computers are more and more often affected by planned obsolescence
and other cost-saving or revenue-generating morally dubious
operations. Geology could contribute to making them more solid, by
encouraging the use of various types of rocks. However, it is well
known that all profit-driven institutions will use any opportunity
they could have, however immoral they can be, to increase profits.
It is likely that geologists could get blamed by large, multi-
national corporations for the actions that those corporations took,
not the geologists. Additionally, using more rocks implies mining,
which is already currently done in terrible working conditions by
underpaid workers in developing countries.
The Lobbying Department of Bikeshedding Microsystems SHALL therefore
take action to ensure politicians are aware any issues that could be
occurring after the enactment of the proposed reclassification, and
that they are properly encouraged to act on them.
10.4. Availability of oversight facilities
As most of the interactions between computer science and geology will
occur through public events, conferences, research papers in the
public domain, or just through non-confidential conversations within
academic institutions, any relevant authorities will be able to
oversee the integration of computer science within geology and apply
any measures they deem necessary.
~lucidiot Expires January 20, 2023 [Page 6]
Bikeshed-Draft Computer Science as a field of Geology July 2022
10.5. Inter-SDO impact
It is possible that other standards organizations show their
opposition to the integration of computer science as a field of
geology, be it because of their animosity towards Bikeshedding
Microsystems due to commercial competition or due to reasonable
Bikeshedding Microsystems is willing to discuss any reasonable
concerns with other standards organizations, and is open to
reassessing its opinions or deepen the arguments presented in this
document, in order to ensure a smooth, global and complete merger
between both scientific fields.
As for standard defining organizations that have no reason to refute
this evolution of science solely out of spite, Bikeshedding
Microsystems will gladly engage in any anti-competitive practices its
Lobbying, Marketing and Corporate Spying departments will allow.
10.6. Care and concern for avian carriers
Both geology and computer science already have an important influence
over birbs, as it can influence their routing, either through BGP
or by changing the winds or the obstacles along the way while
transporting IP packets. By forcing both fields to work together,
we expect that enhancements could be made in how fast avian carriers
can travel between two network appliances, and how much energy it
requires them. This can improve response times and bandwidth, as
well as reduce the costs of deploying new long-distance routes as
birbs will need less rest when traveling over those. Packet loss
can also be improved with routes that are easier to fly on.
Further improvements in the management of avian carriers could be
made by a later merging with the fields of ornithology, to better
understand how birbs behave, or civil engineering, for larger scale
changes to the large rock structures along Internet routes.
11. BANANA Considerations
As bananas are not classified as a mineral or have any part in a
geological process, the BANANA is not affected by the
reclassification of computer science as a field of geology.
12. References
[RFC2119] Bradner, S., "Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate
Requirement Levels", BCP 14, RFC 2119,
DOI 10.17487/RFC2119, March 1997,
~lucidiot Expires January 20, 2023 [Page 7]
Bikeshed-Draft Computer Science as a field of Geology July 2022
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Appendix A. Warranty Exclusion Statement
This document and the information contained herein is provided on an
The author would like to thank ~nihilazo, ~indigo and ~lown for
participating in the preliminary research and wordplays that led to
this essay, as well as ~durrendal for their review.
Author's Address
~lucidiot (editor)
Bikeshedding Microsystems
The Internet
~lucidiot Expires January 20, 2023 [Page 8]