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| JANUARY 2023 |
| _____________________|_
=========================== CURRENT MEMBERS ===========================
=============================== ISSUES ================================
The Framalistes 12 months maximum archival policy is still not in
place, and no further announcements on this topic have been made.
============================ MESSAGE STATS ============================
Year, month Messages
-------------- --------
2020 198
- September 5
- October 43
- November 112
- December 38
2021 545
- January 46
- February 61
- March 50
- April 67
- May 39
- June 66
- July 38
- August 47
- September 13
- October 30
- November 51
- December 37
2022 635
- January 20
- February 66
- March 19
- April 1
- May 1
- June 47
- July 37
- August 18
- September 36
- October 25
- November 106
- December 259
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