These are my dotfiles, just a test
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Welcome to my Dotfiles!


These are some of the setups you might be more interested in:

Yeah I finally did it!

I decided to configure GNU Stow to finally keep track of the dotfiles of the programs and applications I care about! I am also deciding to give Doom Emacs another chance. Feel free to take a look and take whatever you like to fit your needs!

Wanna learn how to use stow?

I wrote a whole tutorial on how to set it up, check it out in my blog!

Apply this configuration

My configs are done using stow, so you will need to install that program on your computer, just use the default package manager in your distro.

First clone this repository:

git clone

Access the stow_home directory

cd dotfiles/stow_home

If you want to import everything, run this line:

stow -vt ~ *

To import a specific program's configuration, just do:

stow -vt ~ name_of_program