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Donate using Liberapay


Launch sxiv (Simple X Image Viewer) from Emacs, with Dired integration.


You can get sxiv.el from

sxiv.el requires dash.el and an installed sxiv in your $PATH


The main command is M-x sxiv.

Run it in a Dired buffer containing images. Files marked in sxiv (mark/unmark with m) will be marked in Dired.

If the Dired buffer has marked files, open only those files.

With prefix argument, or when only provided directories, run recursively.

Run it from a text file containing one file name per line to open the listed files.


  • sxiv-dired-marked-files-p doesn't work as intended with non '*' markers (e.g. C or D)

Comparison with picpocket

At a cursory glance, picpocket (v20180914)

  • does not depend on an external program
  • has better key customizability (to change the keys for sxiv itself, you need to modify its C source)
  • supports tagging images
  • has no way to mark files for batch operations
  • does not seem to center images in fullscreen mode

Contributions and contact

Feedback and MRs very welcome. 🙂

You may be interested in the

Contact the creator and other Emacs users in the Emacs room on the Jabber network - (web chat)

(For help in getting started with Jabber, click here)


I dream of a world where all software is liberated - transparent, trustable, and accessible for anyone to use or improve. But I don't want to make demands or threats (e.g. via legal conditions) to get there.

I'd rather make a request - please do everything you can to help that dream come true. Please Unlicense as much software as you can.

sxiv.el is released under your choice of Unlicense or the WTFPL.

(See files UNLICENSE and WTFPL).


wasamasa, bpalmer and #emacs for all their help and support