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demure commented on pull request tildeverse/journal#19

Articles need removed from journal.tildeverse.org and tildegit.org.

> https://tildegit.org/tildeverse/journal/commit/c497a60d4c52e600e485da28d791a63619c57b40 > > ``` > From: Anton McClure <anton@antonmcclure.com> > Date: Sun, 3 May 2020 18:53:18 +0000 >…

10 months ago

demure created pull request tildeverse/tilde.chat#45

Added Shared Strike Policy

1 year ago

demure pushed to master at demure/tilde.chat

1 year ago

demure created repository demure/tilde.chat

1 year ago

demure commented on issue team/bashblog#8

stray newlines in rebuild

It looks like line 402 may be the issue based on #helpdesk discussion. echo -e '\n<!-- text end -->' User verbose reports removing this `\n` fixes thier issue with this.

2 years ago

demure opened issue sloum/bombadillo#207

Feature Request - PgUp/PgDn Key Support

2 years ago