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Ben Harris 3 years ago
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date: august 4 2020
title: "ubuntu 20.04 upgrades"
author: ben
i've been preparing a large upgrade for tilde.team to ubuntu 20.04 focal fossa.
the new vm has a fresh install and will help to address some of the long-standing
issues that i've been wanting to fix for quite some time now
- dedicated /home disk - we haven't had any actual issues here luckily
but it will prevent any issues where a user accidentally fills a disk
and chokes out the rest of the system
- fixing uids - at some point, the spamassassin package created a system
user account with a uid > 1000 which threw off the user numbering into
the 5000 range. i've renumbered user accounts on the new vm to remove
that large jump
- dedicated service accounts - each service now has its own account in `/srv`
which is importantly outside of `/home` and is not a single user running multiple
services as it was configured previously
the ip address is the same and everything should be as you left it. please let me
know on irc or shoot an email if something is amiss.
i have an ongoing list [here](/~ben/todo.txt) that i will update as i get things
back up and running.
another important note: python is now 3.8 by default and you will need to
explicitly call python2. all local site- and dist-packages have been removed
since they were targeting 3.6. you will need to recreate any virtual envs
that you may have.