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<p>Never know what to say to that question. Got my first computer in 1981. A
Commodore VIC-20. Oh the fun of trying to fill up that 3.5 K of free memory🤣.
Miss all my old computers now. Yeah I'm pretty old.</p>
<p>Still love to play D&D.
Infact kind of got back into lately. If you are in the TC area, let me know.
Would love to play. Even got the new Rick and Morty starter game. More then happy
to DM that. Need to find 4 or 5 player to fill it out. Looks to be a lot of FUN!</p>
<p>Still love to play D&D.</p>
<p>Been really getting into keyboards lately. Got my first nice real machincal one a few weeks ago
and have already had to order a second one. First one has gateron blues, and the the 2nd has gateron reds.
Very differnt to type on.</p>
<div class="column">
<li>Setting up this web page. Learning HTML and CSS. I guess some PHP again as well</li>
<li>Learning Golang.</li>
<li>Playing with my new ChromeBook</li>
<li>Getting into new Keyboards, clicky.</li>
<li><a href="https://tildegit.org/drwasabi">Gitea for Dr. WaSaBi</a></li>
<!-- <li><a href="http://gopher.tildeverse.org/tilde.team/1/~drWaSaBi">Dr. WaSaBi Gopher page</a></li> -->
<li>dotenv repo</li>