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## Gemini Clients I've tried
### lagrange
Check this out. Really slick looking gemini, gopher, and spartan (still not sure what that is) client. Runs on just about everything
=> gemini://
### Bombadillo
Great cli client. It's also a gopher client. Has been updated to allow for finger lookups as well.
2 years ago
Still can't figure out how to add bookmarks. If someone know, please shoot me a email to
2 years ago
### GemiNaut
* Windows only client
* Opens HTML links in your default browser.
* Haven't had luck getting it to use gopher links, but I need to R.T.D. too see if it even supports gopher. I sure hope so.
* Written in c#
2 years ago
### Other clients
Here is a much more extensive list of Gemini clients and tool to check out
2 years ago
=> gemini:// Gemini Clients & Tools