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In order to join the UUCP network, you will first need to fork this repo and create a pull request with your server's uucp user's public key in ./ssh/authorized_keys. Please notify an admin of your join request. You may also join #uucp on tilde.chat IRC server.
### Provisioning
Provisioning a Tier 1 server is easy. Simply run the ./utils/bootstrap.pl file and move the generated configuration files to /etc/uucp as root. You will also need to get a password from each Tier 1 node. THIS PROCESSES IS NOT AUTOMATED YET.
./bootstrap.pl <assigned_node_name>
Setting up a leaf node is similar, however, you must edit the nodelist file with a single entry of the server that you are joining. You will need
to contact your desired Tier 1 server's admin for a password. Leaf nodes do not need to run any update cron jobs, unlike Tier 1 servers.
### Care and feeding
A Tier 1 system must be able to receive updates about the network topology. You must create a cron job in the uucp user's crontab that runs update.pl at a set interval. While most other Tier 1 servers run this hourly, you can choose any interval you wish.
### Support
You can get help by joining us on IRC. We're nice. We promise :D
### Authors
Wesley Fisher (aka; Praetor) - Dataforge - wfisher@dataforge.tk