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updated man and readme with 1.2.0 info

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@ -24,7 +24,8 @@ git repo, but will lack `man` support and command completion._
burrow phlog # create new phlog post
burrow recipe # add new recipe to box
burrow recipe # add or update a recipe to box
burrow topic # add or update a topic file
burrow create-config # generate a default config file
burrow update-git # pull latest git repo for gopher dir, if exists
@ -37,6 +38,10 @@ by including a `.template` file in your phlog directory.
`$EDITOR`. By default it will provide you a template, but you can override this
by including a `.template` file in your recipe box directory.
- `topic` will prompt for the name of the topic, then open it in your default
`$EDITOR`. By default it will provide you a template, but you can override this
by including a `.template` file in your topics directory.
- `create-config` gives you the same settings as you have by default without
a configuration file, but it provides you a starting point for customization.
@ -61,13 +66,14 @@ The following options are available (defaults shown):
config_dir_gopher="$HOME/gopher" # local path to gopher site
config_dir_phlog="phlog" # relative path to phlog
config_dir_recipebox="recipebox" # relative path to recipe box
config_dir_topics="topics" # relative path to topics directory
config_gopher_server="sdf.org" # server of gopher host
config_gopher_port="70" # port of gopher host
config_gopher_root="/users/username/" # absolute path on gopher host to gopher site
config_git_commit=false # automatically commit changes if git repo
config_git_push=false # automatically push changes if git repo
config_autoindent=true # automatically reformat phlogs with leading spaces
config_custom_editor=false # use something other than $EDITOR
config_autoindent=true # automatically reformat gophermaps with leading spaces
# and parse links at the end of file
_Note: This file is a valid Bash script and will be sourced upon load._

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@ -11,14 +11,11 @@ config_dir_gopher="$HOME/gopher/"
# vars from flags

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@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
.TH BURROW 1 "20 Jan 2018" "version 1.0.0rc"
.TH BURROW 1 "03 Mar 2018" "version 1.2.0"
burrow \- a helper for building and managing a gopher hole
@ -12,7 +12,9 @@ modification, and maintenance of a gopher hole.
Create a new phlog entry.
.B recipe
Add a new recipe to the recipe box.
Add or update a recipe to the recipe box.
.B topic
Add or update a topic in your topics directory.
.B create-config
Generates a default configuration file at