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burrow is a helper for building and managing a gopher hole.


Note: On systems without admin access the binary can be run directly from the git repo, but will lack man support and command completion.

See the Getting Started guide.

Install on Linux / MacOS

sudo make install

Install on BSD systems


  • Installing bash-completion via either pkg install bash-completion or via the shells/bash-completion port.
  • Installing the GNU version of make via either pkg install gmake or the port devel/gmake.
  • Rather than using sudo make install, run sudo gmake install.


  • Install the GNU version of make via either pkg_add gmake or the port devel/gmake.
  • There is no bash-completion package or port in OpenBSD. However the source code can be found at
  • Burrow appears to install and run without the presence of bash-completion. Exercise caution.
  • As root (or via doas), run gmake install.


sudo make uninstall # or gmake uninstall on BSD


burrow phlog          # create new phlog post
burrow gophermap      # edit a gophermap
burrow rss            # generate a RSS feed of phlog entries
burrow edit-config    # open your config file for editing
burrow update-git     # pull latest git repo for gopher dir, if exists
  • edit-config will open your burrow configuration file for easy editing.

  • phlog will prompt for the title of a new post, then open it in your default $EDITOR.

  • gophermap will open a gophermap file for editing. This will remove any type i formatting and allow comments to be added in natural text. You will still need to create links in the proper gophermap formatting.

  • rss will automatically generate an RSS feed of your most recent phlog entries and output it to the root of your gopher directory. This can be automatically generated by using the config option config_phlog_autorss.

  • update-git will silently attempt to update a git repository at the location of your gopher hole. It is appropriate for use by a cron job.

man burrow or burrow -h for more information.


The following locations are available for configuration:

  1. /etc/burrow/config
  3. $HOME/.config/burrow/config
  4. $HOME/.config/burrow
  5. $HOME/.burrow

These files are processed in the order listed. Variables defined in multiple locations will use the last assigned value.

The following options are available (defaults shown):

config_dir_gopher="$HOME/gopher"       # local path to gopher site
config_gopher_server=""         # server of gopher host
config_gopher_port="70"                # port of gopher host
config_gopher_root="/users/username/"  # path on gopher host to gopher site

config_dir_phlog="phlog"               # relative path to phlog
config_phlog_gophermap=true            # phlogs use gophermap format by default
config_phlog_usedate=true              # use a date-stamp on phlog posts

config_git_commit=false                # automatically commit changes if git repo
config_git_push=false                  # automatically push changes if git repo

config_autoindent=true                 # automatically reformat gophermaps with leading "i"
                                       # types and parse links at the end of file

config_file_rss="rss.xml"              # filename of RSS feed
config_gopher_name="My Gopher Hole"    # used in RSS feed output
config_gopher_desc="Description"       # used in RSS feed output
config_rss_num_entries="10"            # number of entries to inclued in RSS feed
config_phlog_autorss=false             # automatically generate RSS feed

Note: This file is a valid Bash script and will be sourced upon load.


There is another burrow project created by sloumdrone. His burrow project is a GUI gopher client. Please check it out!

There is also another project called "Burrow the Burrows" which can be found on gopher at: gopher:// It aims to construct and maintain a graph of the whole Gopherspace.

There is another static site generator for gopher written in Haskell by @hyperrealgopher. It has similar features to my burrow.

Armen now has a gemini & spartan server named burrow.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.