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creme 8ffc6e293c
sysinfo: add server location
5 months ago
envs.net sysinfo: add server location 5 months ago
asciiquarium add asciiquarium 11 months ago
av98 init 3 years ago
botany some more small server optimations 2 years ago
byobu-info byobu-info close up with emtpy line 2 years ago
chat init 3 years ago
dcss init 3 years ago
envs_mysql.sh some small changes 3 years ago
envs_toot update envs_toot - use a array for verifyed user ids 3 years ago
envs_user_manage user_manage: remove unneeded chmod for .weechat/logs/ 1 year ago
gomuks change gomuks tmpdir 2 years ago
hole init 3 years ago
hugo fix hugo cacheDir 8 months ago
idiff init 3 years ago
linkulator linkulator need chmod +x 3 years ago
motd init 3 years ago
online-users init 3 years ago
webirc Update 'bin/webirc' 2 years ago
weechat-activate-matrix.sh update weechat-activate-matrix.sh (use symlink now for users) 11 months ago