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an imageboard in sh

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Configuration système de

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A deadly game of cat and marsupial in the land Down Under; the Mortal Wombat adventure game.

Updated 2 years ago

Just a way for me to get my zine out quicker, without the overhead of a website.

Updated 2 years ago

inter-tilde net on lan via wireguard

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The Fuck Off License

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Lo-fi image dithering

Updated 10 months ago

the site, it's pretty nice.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Space Launch is a pubnix take on the classic Unix prank called Steam Locomotive. Rather than running a steam engine train across users' screen when they mistype 'ls' as 'sl', Space Launch blasts a rocket across their screen.

Updated 2 years ago

e-book publishing projects for generating fiction works, zines, documentation, and other things. Write in markdown, compile beautiful pdfs

Updated 1 year ago

Minimal but usable interactive Gemini client in < 100 LOC of Python 3

Updated 1 year ago

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Draft webstandards for a post-JavaScript future.

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Updated 2 months ago

A simple tool for creating self-signed certs for use in Geminispace

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articles and other creations

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custom modules for tildebot

Updated 3 months ago

A simple cms/wiki based on markdown.

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