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Convert a Gemini capsule's files to a HTTP site

Updated 1 day ago

A shot at a Mastodon rss to gemlog converter

Updated 2 weeks ago

A web site for looking through Project Gutenberg's book catalog.

Updated 5 months ago - default user dir

Updated 5 months ago

A postgres database and perl modules for Project Gutenberg's book catalog.

Updated 5 months ago

A log file analyzer for postfix, for small sites.

Updated 7 months ago

Easy music generation with SoX and Perl 5

Updated 7 months ago

C preprocessor implemented for UPB operating systems class

Updated 9 months ago

template home directory for new users

Updated 10 months ago

Manage your OpenBSD packages in a declarative way

Updated 11 months ago

OpenBSD compatible implementation of the impermanence project from the NixOS community

Updated 11 months ago

My dotfiles

Updated 3 years ago

HB9KNS web/gopher site/hole

Updated 4 years ago