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my zonefiles


Updated 4 hours ago

scripts for

Updated 3 days ago

bind9 config files

Updated 4 days ago - main scripts and configs

Updated 4 days ago

Trust store generator scripts for various Gemini clients

Updated 5 days ago

Source for my Gemini homepage, currently living at gemini://

Updated 6 days ago

small debugging client for gemini, basically to execute requests on your dev server like curl

Updated 2 weeks ago

Batch scan photos of the same size

Updated 2 weeks ago

Build gentoo packages on a remote linux system

Updated 3 weeks ago

Tracking some books at my local public library using SQLite

Updated 4 weeks ago

our gemini capsule

Updated 4 weeks ago

Shell script to browse and search the Iris forum (the plain text forum in ctrl-c, by ~calamitous)

Updated 1 month ago

dotfiles for my programs

Updated 2 months ago

A simple script to backup the cosmic voyage files to a backup directory in ~/

Updated 2 months ago

Уведомление пользователя о низком заряде батареи. Окружение: OpenBSD, i3

Updated 2 months ago

Configuration and scripts for unix machines

Updated 2 months ago

A KISS deployment tool to keep your NixOS fleet (servers & workstations) up to date.

Updated 3 months ago

A dead simple proof-of-concept API intended to be used over SSH by calling functions remotely.

Updated 3 months ago