administration scripts for

Updated 1 year ago

Assemblei is a esoteric programming language created by Oklomsy. Migrated from

Updated 5 months ago

Fork of to experiment with extracting Unity assets

Updated 1 year ago

(currently) mirror of

Updated 7 months ago

AzuraCast is a self-hosted web radio management suite, including turnkey installer tools and an easy-to-use web app to manage your stations.

Updated 7 hours ago

Homemade IRC written in Python, insired by

Updated 3 years ago

ncurses chan board for long-form discussion -- forked from modified to work with UUCP

Updated 3 years ago

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Bulletin Butter & Jelly: An HTTP bulletin board server for small communities

Updated 2 years ago

door games for my BBS -

Updated 2 years ago

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A simple static site generator that uses pandoc for most of the work, written in bash, forked from

Updated 4 days ago

This is a new website for the Benson Place worker crew created in 2021. Once the content gets transferred, it will replace

Updated 3 months ago

Bombabillo is a non-web client for the terminal, supporting Gopher, Gemini and much more.

Updated 8 months ago

tiny-nomic ( but for

Updated 1 year ago

Rust implementation of [forgebuild](

Updated 6 days ago

My implementation of Clox, the programming language constructed in the book 'Crafting Interpreters'

Updated 4 years ago

team / css
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this repo is deprecated in favor of

Updated 3 years ago

Valve's tier1 template library. Extracted from the GameNetworkingSockets repo and made standalone.

Updated 2 years ago

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also on

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