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My site on

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Just a way for me to get my zine out quicker, without the overhead of a website.

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A simple one page website created to help complete beginners learn HTML basics, which in this repo has also had some script added to help beginners learn JavaScript basics. The scripting is explained over the course of

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my old site


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A simple static site generator that uses pandoc for most of the work, written in bash, forked from

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This is a new website for the Benson Place worker crew created in 2021. Once the content gets transferred, it will replace

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botany widget for your website

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my website on

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Simple CGI-Bin based scripts for automatically displaying a list of posts on a website.

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cl-yag is a static website generator.

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my site

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generator and source files for the site

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Website proxy to

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the minecraft site

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Static site generator for

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team / css
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this repo is deprecated in favor of

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Prototype for a dnsmanager homepage

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Explore websites using a TeTLD on your web browser

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