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Updated 2 days ago

Mirror: Course Material for Artists in the Archive (Winter 2019, ITP)

Updated 4 years ago

Gentoo Lazy Entry — a metadata.xml generator

Updated 54 minutes ago

fosablo-ng is a randomly generated single-player mining game.

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 4 days ago

.van player and converter

Updated 1 week ago

Small script to go from conda yaml to pip requirements.txt

Updated 1 week ago

A program that searches invidious gives you video titles and IDs

Updated 1 week ago

Spring lisp jam 2023

Updated 2 weeks ago

site, wiki, and css theme

Updated 1 week ago main site

Updated 2 weeks ago

Untitled Cass Game (2021)

Updated 1 year ago

Brew A Cup of Tea

Updated 4 weeks ago

Various docs and writing that I'm okay with being public-ish like this because I might need to collaborate on it

Updated 4 days ago

simple mail to gemini gateway very preliminary, please don't consider this secure

Updated 3 weeks ago