Updated 1 day ago

Automation script in fish to update my gemlog and html mirror.

Updated 4 days ago

the NixOS webzine ❄️

Updated 3 days ago

Updated 5 days ago

my zonefiles

Updated 6 days ago

Advent of code 2022

Updated 20 hours ago

advent of code 2022 in rust

Updated 22 hours ago

advent of code

Updated 3 hours ago

⚠️ you are entering a minimum effort zone ⚠️

Updated 10 hours ago

public directory for jouissance.net

Updated 2 days ago

Repository of the OpenBSD Webzine

Updated 1 week ago

go auto recompile and reloader thing (warning, this is undocumented spaghetti, use at your own risk)

Updated 2 weeks ago

Fork of lines.love experimenting with showing the raw text for drawings below them

Updated 2 weeks ago

Materia GTK theme with Nord colors

Updated 2 weeks ago

Configuration and scripts for unix machines

Updated 2 weeks ago

Pretty-print your git repo status in a custom format

Updated 2 weeks ago

guides to hosting your own things

Updated 3 weeks ago

tildeverse bookwyrm instance

Updated 4 weeks ago

Updated 4 weeks ago