A nascent LOGO-like library built in p5.js
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A toy language.

A kind of LOGO-like DSL built in the p5.js library.

This is a rudimentary proof of concept right now with globals and without implementing classes or ability to loop.

How to Use

Put your code inside the turtle function in turtle.js

Reference Commands


forward(n); //moves n pixels ahead

back(n); //moves n pixels back

left(Δ);  //turns Δ degrees to the left

right(Δ); //turns Δ degrees to the right


penup(); //will draw a line with movement commands

pendown(); //will move to x,y coordinates without drawing line
           //By default, pendown is on / true
penColor('colorName'); //any color word: purple, grey, blue, etc.
		       //color name must be in single or double quotes!
                       //or a HTML color like #ff4d4d (in quotes!)
penSize(n);	       //width of pen in pixels

randint(n); //returns a random int between 0 and n (exclusive)
	    //if no input, default is between 0 and 100
            //example: forward(randint(30));