A roguelike sound collection drone-strument toy.
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Drone Collector

The complete 'drone jam' version can be found on Itch.io here.

A roguelike-ish sound collection drone-strument toy.

Created for Drone Jam, May 7 - 14, 2022.

Built in Love2d.

Drone Jam

Devlog thread on Mastodon

To play

Please download from the Itch.io page

You may or may not need Love2d installed on your system as well.

Windows and Mac

I needed to drag the Windows Executable onto the Love2d app and choose "Run Anyway."

For the Mac app, you may have to right click and choose to run untrusted software if you're on a newer mac. (Untested: I'm creating these on Linux, so my ability to debug will be limited).

Linux (and should work on Mac too)

Do you have Love installed?

Unzip the downloaded game.

In the Terminal, navigate to the directory holding dronecollector.

Type love dronecollector to launch.


D Yellow Swans, Merzbow, Wolf Eyes, The Smell, Fort Thunder, Twenty XX, South Philly Athenaum, and a million other places and people forever and ever

Yellow Swans


The Beachcomber - audio excerpt from Ocean Hour - rebroadcast on This American Life

Discobog - Algobog DJed episode by Saltzshaker on WFMU

Quiltfolk by me

Command line incantations

I used these to wrangle with assets.

Make these into aliases or functions if you'll use them a lot. Replacing the inputfile with $argv in fish or equivalent in Bash/zsh.

Convert spritesheet inputfile to animated gif via imagemagick, for sharing

convert -dispose previous inputfile.png -crop 400x500 +adjoin +repage -adjoin -loop 0 -delay 1 output-2.gif

Get dimensions of an image or video file via ffmpeg's ffprobe option.

ffprobe -v error -select_streams v:0 -show_entries stream=width,height -of csv=s=x:p=0 inputfile.png


Render Isometric Tiles


From Processing (and p5.js) to Love


Mushy tileset by Everest Pipkin and contributors CC-BY-3.0


Words from Corpora.

Isometric Character by Elska.

Copyright © 2022 not a pipe