remove as stow can be used now

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Julin S 2022-03-07 11:02:51 +05:30
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@ -1,43 +0,0 @@
cp git/.gitconfig $HOME_PATH
cp emacs/.emacs $HOME_PATH
cp tmux/.tmux.conf $HOME_PATH
cp .profile $HOME_PATH
cp .bashrc $HOME_PATH
cp .Xresources $HOME_PATH
cp mutt/.mailcap $HOME_PATH
cp mutt/.muttrc $HOME_PATH
mkdir -p $HOME_PATH/.vim/
cp vim/digraphsrc.vim $HOME_PATH/.vim/
cp vim/cscoperc.vim $HOME_PATH/.vim/
cp vim/.vimrc $HOME_PATH
mkdir -p $HOME_PATH/.elinks/
cp elinks/elinks.conf $HOME_PATH/.elinks/
mkdir -p $HOME_PATH/.config/i3/
cp i3/config $HOME_PATH/.config/i3/
mkdir -p $HOME_PATH/.config/i3status/
cp i3status/config $HOME_PATH/.config/i3/
mkdir -p $HOME_PATH/.config/nvim/
cp nvim/init.vim $HOME_PATH/.config/nvim/
mkdir -p $HOME_PATH/.config/qutebrowser/
cp qutebrowser/ $HOME_PATH/.config/qutebrowser/
mkdir -p $HOME_PATH/.config/zathura/
cp zathura/ $HOME_PATH/.config/zathura/
#mkdir -p $HOME_PATH/.config/awesome/
#cp awesomewm/rc.lua $HOME_PATH/.config/awesome/
mkdir -p $HOME_PATH/.config/herbstluftwm/
cp herbstluftwm/autostart $HOME_PATH/.config/herbstluftwm/