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gbmor ca0371b54e notice on signup page about icloud rejecting our mail 2 months ago
gbmor 6e35848f52 i accidentally a parenthesis 3 months ago
gbmor 3a219f7650 let sk- ssh keys be submitted 4 months ago
Benjamin Morrison b26816c621
added yash to shells list and organized list 10 months ago
kneezle 6a3b59a024 moved validation to a single check to not pile up error messages 11 months ago
kneezle 677386bdcf amended, removed extra bracket 11 months ago
kneezle 476b911305 Added ssh key validation 11 months ago
gbmor f3fd703f02 rakudo update notice 1 year ago
gbmor 4067798535 added rc to the shell list 1 year ago
Benjamin Morrison 683e300858
added button 1 year ago
ahriman b31b042e87 clarified the use of the public key in the form 1 year ago
ahriman 37e2ab0d19 coppa note on signup page 1 year ago
ahriman 020b76b6c6 updated lang versions, announce 6.8 upgrade 1 year ago
ahriman 545d7f6e7e reworded some of the FAQ 1 year ago
Benjamin Morrison 3bff9ef46a
lowercase username on submit 1 year ago
ahriman 2ebe2cc18f extra info on things a user shouldn't run, also mentioned renice 1 year ago
Benjamin Morrison d934b4c4ac
added regina3.9.1/rexx to lang list 1 year ago
Benjamin Morrison 31c591924d
nav links now fit entire cell 1 year ago
ahriman 99bdbf53e6 updated previous announcement: re alpine patched for maildir 1 year ago
ahriman f0b2aa4a16 announcement re: mbox->maildir 1 year ago
ahriman 49d8d713b2 added flang to compiler list 1 year ago
Ben Morrison 6a4f007c66
moved from png to ico for favicon since that's expected by default 1 year ago
Ben Morrison 11d8fc7ce1
made those eldritch monstrosities of sed incantations more readable 1 year ago
Ben Morrison 5db8118b17
reducing use of php in favor of shellscript build 1 year ago
Charlie Root 603ac04ec0 changed naming scheme for included files 1 year ago
Charlie Root 2d0934b6f5 added webmention links to head 1 year ago
gbmor 0bd895f556 Merge pull request 'Update link to citizencodeofconduct in coc.php' (#3) from paper/tilde.institute-site:fix-coc into master 1 year ago
gbmor 60ddb8828e Merge pull request 'Responsive navbar' (#2) from paper/tilde.institute-site:responsive-navbar into master 1 year ago
Paper cfd9f5f696 Update link to citizencodeofconduct in coc.php 1 year ago
Paper a3802b97ab Responsive navbar 1 year ago
gbmor 68d367555c added irc client to list, alphabetized 2 years ago
gbmor d534abdfa3 news entry re: upgrade, catgirl 2 years ago
Ben Morrison 8d97deceea
Merge pull request #6 from andinus/mobile-friendly 2 years ago
Andinus 8cb0f40a0b
Revert "Restyle header links" 2 years ago
Andinus 328582b101
Change line-height, margin & padding of #navigation 2 years ago
Andinus 182421f56f
Increase max-width on small screens 2 years ago
Andinus c4f2958dfa
Restyle sshfp section 2 years ago
Andinus b3199f215e
Restyle header links 2 years ago
Andinus 07c1dc115c
Float news section only on large screens 2 years ago
Andinus c1e57673e2
Show scrollbar on header overflow 2 years ago
gbmor 0188cd93ab updated lang versions on index 2 years ago
gbmor c79e0d3dd6 tilde.json regen 2 years ago
gbmor f9fd67a57f added ssh key fingerprints 2 years ago
gbmor f2c44b0243 consistent user list rendering in chrome and firefox 2 years ago
gbmor 58f27464ae added heading text to signup page 2 years ago
gbmor b66a62175a reverted nav bar to rectangular buttons. changed summary text on index. 2 years ago
gbmor 65dc95489c changed to xhtml1.1 dtd. changed absolute sizes in css to 2 years ago
gbmor c1ba6d07b0 reworded the faq a bit 2 years ago
gbmor 3b71a872fa added faq page 2 years ago
gbmor 1b20365447 tilde.json regen 2 years ago