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gbmor 01e205bbb6
added mention of the cache timeout for cgit, and mentioned the one-liner to add the repo owner to the config. suggested by ~yeti. 8 months ago
Benjamin Morrison e982370876 patch submitted by vani@ 10 months ago
Benjamin Morrison fe7295a518 fixed the markdown for the repo list 11 months ago
Benjamin Morrison 67b845d40e updated blurb about contributing, added repo mirror links 11 months ago
Ben Harris d950ff38cf don't edit weechat configs by hand 11 months ago
gbmor f0bb09f4e4 added todo.md, submitted by ~ensa 1 year ago
gbmor b68274905f updated repo link on main page 1 year ago
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gbmor ac274a3690 updated link to tildewiki repo in readme 1 year ago
gbmor 08a764a7d7 Removed mention of gitweb.description - it's buggy 1 year ago
Paper f838c6c763 Add prefers-color-scheme support to wiki.css 1 year ago
gbmor 690c96a0fc added #gemini to irc channel suggestions 1 year ago
gbmor e922353d3b added warning about outdated info re: bchs 1 year ago
gbmor 2f7b62cd96 added example remote when pushing from tilde.institute 1 year ago
gbmor 5cf5311ece added list of files cgit will parse into an about page 1 year ago
gbmor b17dad2135 page on gerbil-scheme setup 1 year ago
gbmor 0eaca705e5 changed wording of setting up the remote 2 years ago
gbmor e55768576f wrong menu option 2 years ago
gbmor ea27c9bd5b reworded intro blurb 2 years ago
gbmor b6402085f6 new page on tilde.club's newsgroups service 2 years ago
gbmor b399cf69c7 moved to a local css file, light theme 2 years ago
gbmor 20c52953a1 setting up environment to use jdk11/8 2 years ago
gbmor 27a28d751d extra info on building objc projects 2 years ago
gbmor a0b08d685a new page for calling gcc-8 instead of gcc-4 2 years ago
gbmor c3736ec466 updated metadata 2 years ago
gbmor cf3fa78d0b fixed link [][] -> []() 2 years ago
gbmor c62dc793d2 Merge pull request 'new page: firefox address bar tips' (#2) from erxeto/institute-wiki:firefox-shortcuts into master 2 years ago
Paco Esteban b5d5e1adf6 new page: firefox address bar tips 2 years ago
gbmor aa6f361c21 added certs error info, removed unused channel from list 2 years ago
gbmor 78c46acf98 added cflags/ldflags info 2 years ago
gbmor 8f76a0bb29 updated irc page to reflect registration requirement in #meta, added #helpdesk to chanlist 2 years ago
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