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# IRCSharp
[![Build Status](https://drone.tildegit.org/api/badges/irctokens/ircsharp/status.svg)](https://drone.tildegit.org/irctokens/ircsharp)
[![Build Status](https://drone.tildegit.org/api/badges/irctokens/ircsharp/status.svg)](
this is a collection of c\# projects to tokenize, parse, and maintain
state for IRC clients.
@ -11,8 +12,8 @@ unless otherwise noted, this is mostly a port of jesopo's python libraries.
- [ircstates](https://github.com/jesopo/ircstates)
- [ircrobots](https://github.com/jesopo/ircrobots)
an [irctokens.org](https://irctokens.org) project
an [irctokens](https://irctokens.hmm.st) project
discussion and support on irc: [#irctokens](