Tilde program launcher
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tilde - A tilde-launcher proposal in Python

This is my proposal for the tilde town program launcher. Here are the features that make it compliant with the specs:

  • It has a help menu that, while not meeting the format of the specs, gives an example usage string and description.
  • It implements the contrib system beautifully (IMO)

Here are the things I have left to make before this proposal can be considered a true answer to the specs:

  • Implement submit process
  • Implement other commands shown in help example (see below)
  • Polish some rough logic

Top-level commands

  • help - complete
  • contrib - complete
  • chat - complete
  • mail - just need to write this one
  • submit - See Questions below


tilde submit

  • How should this be accomplished?
  • Is this supposed to be only for ben or for an admin in general to help?
  • If the answer to the previous question is the latter, how should this be accomplished?


In /tilde/special, put:

  • list - see list program in this directory