International Transport Safety Bureau: centralizing every transport accident report into RSS feeds
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international transport safety bureau

A project whose goal is to centralize accident reports and make them easier to access.


  • Install the following dependencies:
    • pup: go get
    • jq: sudo apt install jq
    • xmltodict: pip install xmltodict
    • xsltproc: sudo apt install xsltproc
  • Clone this repository
  • Add the repo's bin directory to your $PATH


Manual build

Run to build the feeds.

Automated build

You can build the feeds automatically by adding the bash script to CRON.

This is the line I am currently using to build on once a day:

37 13 * * * nice -n 19 bash -c "PATH=/home/lucidiot/bin:/home/lucidiot/go/bin:$PATH /home/lucidiot/dev/itsb/ -q"