Python client to a public and undocumented UrbanTZ API
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A Python package to help with an undocumented API of UrbanTZ.

The UrbanTZ company provides a delivery management platform of the same name for other companies. To provide delivery tracking to their customers, those companies can send links to a tracking page on UrbanTZ's website, which uses a unique delivery ID in the URL to show tracking information.

Those tracking pages perform requests to an undocumented API endpoint with this tracking ID. The endpoint provides much more information than what is actually used in the pages; this package aims to provide a Python interface to help creating better tracking interfaces.


This package just needs requests. That's it.


This package provides a simple tracker script, urbantz.tracker, that can be invoked like this:

python -m urbantz.tracker <ID> [-f|--frequency <seconds>]

The script will perform a request every 10 seconds (by default) to the UrbanTZ API, then print the current date, time, and distance between the delivery truck and the destination.



Sample setup using virtualenvwrapper:

mkvirtualenv pyurbantz -a .
pip install -e .[dev]


The source code follows the PEP 8 code style and performs CI checks using the flake8 tool. To perform the same checks locally, run flake8 on the root directory of this repository.