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# WhisperMaPhone
"I will call you by Whisper-ma-Phone, for the secrets I tell are for your ears alone."
- The Once-ler, *The Lorax*
## Copyright
The code in this repository is released into the public domain (as specified in the file LICENSE).
## Notes for running yourself
First off, this is not necessarily recommended. Making it easy for other people to host was not a priority in designing this project. You should be prepared to maintain your own fork and edit the source to suit your own needs. The About page is not applicable to you, for instance.
Running in production requires a WSGI host, which is way beyond the scope of this README to set up.
Since both production and my local development instance have a large (500+) number of posts, behavior with a small number of posts is untested and undefined. I do know that the system assumes that there is at least one post, and the main page will error if that's not the case. Pull requests (or emailed git patches) to fix this or similar bugs would be accepted.
Disabling pagination is possible by editing ./thoughts/
After cloning, you should create a `.env` to define environment variables. Read whispermaphone/
You can generate a SECRET_KEY with `python3 -c "import secrets; print(''.join([secrets.choice('abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789\!@#$%^&*(-_=+)') for i in range(50)]))"`.
To post, go to /post manually.
## Installing
# Clone
git clone
cd WhisperMaPhone
# Create a virtual environment
# Python 3 should go without saying in 2021
python -m venv venv
# Activate
. ./venv/bin/activate
# Install Requirements
# Note: This includes all requirements used by me at any point
# For a minimal (just django) install, you can leave off
# `xapian-haystack` (used for advanced search)
pip install -r requirements.txt
# To install xapian to power /search:
curl -OL
# NOTE: make sure the virtual enviroment is enabled before running this
# Check the latest version of xapian from
# As of writing, that's 1.4.19
sh <version>
./ rebuild_index
# Otherwise, disable xapian by patching like so
patch whispermaphone/ <<EOF
< "ENGINE": "xapian_backend.XapianEngine",
< "PATH": str(BASE_DIR / "xapian_index")
> "ENGINE": "haystack.backends.simple_backend.SimpleEngine"