Plays chime sounds off of the on-board speaker every 15 minutes.
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This project uses the Linux's `ioclt` command KDMKTONE to play clock-tower chimes on the internal tty "speaker" every 15 minutes. It needs to be run as root in order to do this.

I wanted to do this because the computer that I use as a server in my room doesn't have a real speaker and I didn't want to buy any hardware to achive my dream of being able to hear a clock tower.

Also, I used this project as an excuse to learn Zig. The Zig code I've written is probably not the nicest way to do things, and I'd welcome feedback on it.

Also included are the Systemd service and timer files that I use to run this script every 15 minutes.
sudo cp chime.* /etc/systemd/system/

This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain, under the terms of The Unlicense.