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                   C I R C U M L U N A R
                 T R A N S M I S S I O N S
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This is the working repository of Circumlunar Space's up-and-coming zine, Circumlunar Transmissions. The main branch will (eventually) contain the actual issues and content of the zine itself, in addition to the various tooling--or 'gubbins'--used to build, manage, and maintain the publication.

The purpose of this repository is to coordinate a submission-editing-publishing workflow, and also to facilitate the distribution of the zine itself. Distributing the zine will be as simple as cloning this repo and serving its contents from a directory of any old gopherhole or gemini capsule.


The production of this zine is a collaborative effort made by the residents of the colonies in circumlunar space. As such, only sundogs of the CS colonies are eligible to submit content to the zine at this time.

Submissions shall be submitted by email as patches to the "submissions" branch of the repository. This will allow the acting editor to collect and work with submissions in a local copy of the repository before merging (publishing) the finalized changes to the main branch. To be clear, after cloning this repo, run the following command before making any changes:

git checkout submissions

After adding a submission to the "submissions" folder, add and commit changes in the ordinary way. Then issue the following command to generate a patch from your changes and send it using the local email system:

git send-email --compose --subject="<SUBJECT>" \
    --to="<ADDRESS_OF_EDITOR>"                 \

The acting editor of the current issue is mieum. Please direct all patches to:

If the above command fails, or if git send-email is not available on your system, generate a patch with the following command and send it to the editor as an email attachment:

git format-patch HEAD^

The current deadline for submissions is: March 29, 2021

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