a fork of the moonlight.nvim colorscheme
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🌘 moonlight.nvim

Slightly modified version of shaunsingh's moonlight.nvim, which is a modification of Marko Cerovac's Material.nvim, based off of the Moonlight Theme for VSCode. Wow, what a heritage this theme has!

preview github

Why this fork?

This fork makes some minor adjustments to the highlighting of things like the quickfix list in addition to (soon) including shell scripts for also theming your shell.

🌠 Features

moonlight.nvim is meant to be a modern colorscheme written in lua for NeoVim that supports a lot of the new features added to NeoVim like built-in LSP and TreeSitter


  • Neovim >= 0.5.0

🌙 Installation

Install via your favourite package manager:

" If you are using Vim-Plug
Plug 'shaunsingh/moonlight.nvim'
-- If you are using Packer
use 'shaunsingh/moonlight.nvim'

🌓 Usage

Enable the colorscheme:

colorscheme moonlight

To enable the moonlight theme for Lualine, simply specify it in your lualine settings:

require('lualine').setup {
  options = {
    -- ... your lualine config
    theme = 'moonlight'
    -- ... your lualine config


Option Default Description
moonlight_italic_comments false Make comments italic
moonlight_italic_keywords false Make keywords italic
moonlight_italic_functions false Make functions italic
moonlight_italic_variables false Make variables and identifiers italic
moonlight_contrast true Make sidebars and popup menus like nvim-tree and telescope have a different background
moonlight_borders false Enable the border between verticaly split windows visable
moonlight_disable_background false Disable the setting of background color so that NeoVim can use your terminal background
-- Example config in lua
vim.g.moonlight_italic_comments = true
vim.g.moonlight_italic_keywords = true
vim.g.moonlight_italic_functions = true
vim.g.moonlight_italic_variables = false
vim.g.moonlight_contrast = true
vim.g.moonlight_borders = false 
vim.g.moonlight_disable_background = false

-- Load the colorscheme
" Example config in Vim-Script
let g:moonlight_italic_comments = true
let g:moonlight_italic_keywords = true
let g:moonlight_italic_functions = true
let g:moonlight_italic_variables = false
let g:moonlight_contrast = true
let g:moonlight_borders = false 
let g:moonlight_disable_background = false

-- Load the colorsheme
colorscheme moonlight

Original Readme: https://github.com/marko-cerovac/material.nvim/blob/pure-lua/README.md