Generate CA + wildcard cert for any hostname (and add CA to Android trust store)
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Generate CA + wildcard cert for any hostname takes a domain name as input and outputs a directory named "CA", containing:

  • a certificate authority (private key + cert + serial number file + a copy of the cert appropriately named for inclusion in the Android trust store);
  • a CA-signed cert for the provided hostname;
    • if the hostname is a domain, then a wildcard cert is generated, matching domain.tld and *.domain.tld;
    • the hostname can also be an IP address.

Both the CA and the cert are valid for 30 days.



Optional dependencies

  • ipcalc-ng, for detecting if the supplied hostname is an IP address.
  • idn, for converting IDNs to punycode.

Adding the CA to the Android trust store

The reason I wrote this script was to intercept an Android app's TLS-encrypted traffic. In order to do this, the CA cert must be added to the Android trust store. Here's how:

In Android versions prior to 4, see

In Android versions 4, 5 and 6, you can simply copy the file to your phone and add it from the Android UI.

In Android 7+, in order for the CA to be trusted by all apps, you need to have a rooted phone. Allow USB debugging, grant root access for ADB, connect the phone to a computer and run the following commands:

# restart ADB as root
adb root
# remount the /system partition as read+write
adb remount
# copy the CA file to the root store
adb push CA/android/*.0 /system/etc/security/cacerts/

Then you can spoof a domain's IP address by adding it to the Android system's hosts file:

adb shell 'echo "" >> /system/etc/hosts'

To allow TLS interception on a non-rooted phone, you need to slightly modify the app you are snooping on, as described in:

If the app uses certificate pinning, you may need a program like Apktool, Frida or baksmali.

Thanks to Soarez for his OpenSSL CA guide!