Trust store generator scripts for various Gemini clients
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# Remove certificates of hosts that both:
# - have been down for more than 30 days;
# - are no longer in the hosts file.
set -o errexit # (-e) exit immediately if any command has a non-zero exit status
set -o nounset # (-u) don't accept undefined variables
#set -o xtrace # for debugging
# Go where this script is.
cd "$(dirname "$0")" || exit
# Go through certs of hosts that have been down for more than 30 days.
find certs -mtime +30 -type f -execdir sh -c '
host=$(expr "$cert_file" : "^\.\/\(.*\)\:[0-9]*\.pem$")
port=$(expr "$cert_file" : "^\.\/.*\:\([0-9]*\)\.pem$")
# Append port if not default
if [ "$port" != 1965 ]; then
# If it is not in the hosts file, delete it.
if ! grep -xq "$host" ../hosts; then
echo "Pruning $host"
rm "$cert_file"
' sh {} \;
echo OK